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S70 VHL All-Star Game

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The VHL All-Star Game!




All-Star Player Selection


12 Forwards

8 Defensemen 

4 Goalies


The Draft & Game


Once the Captains of each team are chosen we can get to the draft portion of the Event. Each Captain will participate in a snake-style draft (team 1-team 2-team 2-team 1...) to select the teams for the All Star game. Once the players are selected then the Captains will send me there lines and who there starting goalie will be. Since there are 4 goalies selected, the starting goalie will play periods 1 and 3 and the backup will play the 2nd period (unless asked otherwise).


For this year's All Star Game we'll be using NHL 20 on PS4 to run and record the event. The event will be announced and conducted at a later time to reach as many members as possible. The game will be three periods of 15 minutes real-time, so it'll be a full-length, live-streamed & recorded game.


I'll be creating NHL versions of our VHL stars and (hopefully) the captains teams using their VHL stats (height, weight, scoring, speed, etc.) so you can see just how deadly our favorite snipers and how powerful our favorite goons are.


Gorlab's Team


Jet Jaguar (MOS) @gorlab

Julian Borwinn (HSK) @Jubo07

Julius Freeman (VAN) @rjfryman

Mikko Aaltonen (DCD) @GRZ

Dan Baillie (MOS) @wcats

Ben Hafkey (HSK) @McLovin

Vladimir Pavlov (MOS) @Victor

Joseph McWolf (NYA) @McWolf

Apollo Hackett (RIG) @Renomitsu

Berocka Sundqvist (SEA) @Berocka

Rayz Funk (SEA) @Rayzor_7

Kallis Kriketers (DCD) @hedgehog337


Flyersfan's Team


Randoms (MOS) @hedgehog337

Mat Tocco (MOS) @Matmenzinger

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (VAN) @Beaviss

Shawnomir Jagr (VAN) @TheLastOlympian07

Gritty (MOS) @eaglesfan036

Ryan Kastelic (RIG) @Enorama

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen (MOS) @flyersfan1453

Guillaume Fontenette (HSK) @okochastar

Jeff Downey (VAN) @JeffD

Guy LeGrande (SEA)

Finn Davison (RIG) @Poptart

Greg Eagles (VAN) @Greg_Di


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