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Hello!! Welcome to the [almost] offseason, VHL! 


I'm looking to make some changes to the way we run VHFL in the coming seasons, so I'll be using this sign-up thread to gage interest and see whether those changes will be worthwhile! I haven't fleshed out all the details for these concepts yet, so if you have ideas for tweaking them, please include that in your response. If you don't really have an opinion on how we run VHFL, that's fine! You don't have to vote!


First: Champions groups

Individuals who either won a group or were at the top of user rankings in the previous season may have an opportunity to participate in a champions group. This would increase the degree of competition when drafting, open up opportunities for other users to take first in a group, and give massive bragging rights to whomever wins the Champions group. Rather than the same handful of users smashing everyone else each season, I think it could be interesting to see them go head-to-head. 


Second: House rules

Any user may join a group with house rules. I don't know how many of these groups there would be since I'm not sure of how many people will be interested in participating, but likely no more than 3-5 at max. Essentially, each group has the opportunity to conduct a draft with altered rules. For example, drafting 6 defensemen, only VHLM players, or only rookies. The GM role in these groups would be even more important than usual, as you would be responsible for making sure that the groups is properly following the rules.


This season:

I'm requesting for a handful of people to serve as potential fillers; we won't need more than 5. When this thread closes, I'll do a last call for anyone interested in signing up. However, instead of going around to all the servers I'm in and begging people to join so that I have a number divisible by 6, folks who sign up as fillers would draft a second roster (not for TPE) to fill those spots. These are not the same as DQ rosters, which I will continue to manage. I'm hoping that filler rosters will cut down on the amount of people getting disqualified since I'm not pulling teeth for them to participate. 

Say that Blazzer signs up to be a filler. When I go to my random group generator, there will be two names for her: Blazzer and Blazzer (filler). The fillers will be spread out across the league, not all in one group. 




To sign up for S76 VHFL, where the only change will be the inclusion of fillers as necessary, please simply reply to this thread. 


The group manager position is the same. Group Managers are responsible for ensuring that users are making valid picks within their allotted time limit. Group Managers receive 1 additional TPE at the end of the season. If you are interested in being a Group Manager, please be sure to include that in your response. 


This thread will lock Sunday, January 17 at noon EST.

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Hello!! Welcome to the [almost] offseason, VHL!    I'm looking to make some changes to the way we run VHFL in the coming seasons, so I'll be using this sign-up thread to gage interest and se

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