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Continental Cup Finals Game: Шесть

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  • Devise changed the title to Continental Cup Finals Game: Шесть

Not the ending I was hoping for, but I am proud of everyone on the dragons this past season, we defied expectations and almost won the entire thing, huge props to @FrostBeard and the entire Malmo organization, you guys battled hard and ultimately deserved this win.  :mal:

I am sure we will come back stronger than ever :dcd: #GODRAFONS

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Wow, alright... 

We did it Malmo! From hard going in the regular season and battling it hard in the playoffs we did it. Your hard work payed off and I have to say that my role here was truly minor. You are the people that deserve this! From our retiring HoF player Condor Adrienne @OrbitingDeathto guys who have done so much for the franchise - @Hylands and @Zetterberg, @BigTittySmitty and @tfong, @Snussu and @Sharkstrong! Our newest guys in @Molholt (For allowing me to keep you steady as our backup if we ever needed you) @Infernaland @Cxsquared - you couldn't be replaced in this playoff run, you showed what we can do as a team.  You are the CONTINENTAL CUP CHAMPIONS! 

I am so proud of you all! 

Also, I would truly like to thanks DC Dragons for these amazing series, you showed a true passion for the game and made us worry about every single game. Your team is lead by an amazing GM I had pleasure playing for and I have to say, one of the best people to deal with. @Enoramayou have a wonderful team in DC!

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5 minutes ago, hedgehog337 said:

also, knowing the nationality of Malmo GM, it should've been game Seši, not шесть. smh Dev.


I used Swedish already, and Hungarian and Spanish so I figured Russian because the last time an expansion team won it was Russian. 

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