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FINAL VHL mock draft!


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                 It's that time again! Time for another mock draft. This one not quite so early, so I expect all my predictions to be spot on. I get to match players with teams this time too, as the draft lottery went down yesterday(RIP LA). It appears the first five or so picks should be a shoo in, although after that it is a dogfight. I know my predictions are going to turn out wrong because there are so many capable players that are available. I also get to compare this mock draft to the 'wayyy to early' one I did a couple weeks ago. Now, without further ado, into the mock draft!



With the 1st overall pick, the New York Americans select: Red Lite @Tate Last mock: 1st overall       ↔️ No change

Face it, we all knew this was coming. Red Lite is the cream of the crop for this draft. He is now sitting at 327 TPE, which means he could step into the VHL right now and be an impact player. He scored 48 goals and 97 points with the San Diego Marlins this season, and although the Marlins were recently knocked out of the playoffs, Lite was extraordinary in all the series and made a difference on the scoreboard. His status as 1st overall is non debatable, and he will hopefully help boost the young Americans into a S76 playoff spot.


With the 2nd overall pick, the Prague Phantoms select: Battre Sandstrom @Acydburn   Last mock: 2nd overall       ↔️ No change

This one isn't such a given, but there's a fair chance Prague goes with Sandstrom at 2. After all, @diamond_ace , Prague GM, has been seen saying that Hogan Jr. will go third, implying that he will take the Swede. In fact, he said this, quote on quote: "There are 2 types of drafts: ones that have acyd in them, and ones I have to make actual decisions". So this basically says that unless the Americans go off the board and take him, Battre Sandstrom will join the Prague Phantoms at the draft. Sandstrom is also a monster offensively, recording 75 points in 72 games with the Saskatoon Wild.


With the 3rd overall pick, the Los Angeles Stars select: Hulk Hogan Jr. @Beaviss  Last mock: 3rd overall        ↔️ No change

You can't help laughing at this one. The Stars were terrible this season, having a record that was worse than only New York themselves. Alas, the lottery didn't favour them. Luckily, they get a fantastic consolation prize in Hogan Jr., the defenceman for the cup-hunting Mexico City Kings. As long as Prague takes Sandstrom, this pick is definitely a given, especially since the next ranked player is also a defenceman. Hogan Jr. is more defense oriented than Sandstrom, and gets slightly less points(49 this year), but still gets a guaranteed 12 TPE per week. 


With the 4th overall pick, the Calgary Wranglers select: Tom Eagles @Greg_Di  Last mock: 5th overall        ⬆️ +1

With a massive gain in TPE, Tom Eagles overtook Frank Funk Jr. in TPE by a truckload, increasing the gap between him and the next ranked player in TPE. Eagles is actually battling Hogan Jr for the VHLM title, as Eagles is a top defender from the Philadelphia Reapers, who have destroyed their competition in the playoffs so far. Eagles is an offensive defenceman, scoring 64 points over 72 games and scoring 10 in 9 games in the playoffs. He will join a strong Wranglers team that was upset this year early in the postseason, and has a thin prospect pool.


With the 5th overall pick, the Toronto Legion select: Gunnar Odinsson****  @BOOM  Last mock: 6th overall        ⬆️ +1

Odinsson has been raking in the TPE since the last mock, too. The defenceman who scored twenty goals this season for the San Diego Marlins was knocked out last round by Eagles and the Reapers, a playoff where Odinsson 11 points in 9 games. Odinsson joins a young Legion team looking for more young talent through the draft. Funnily enough, their only picks this draft are two first rounders. They are also thin on D, so Odinsson should get decent ice time in his rookie season.


With the 6th overall pick, the D.C. Dragons select: Frank Funk Jr. @Rayzor_7  Last mock: 4th overall        ⬇️ -2

Even though he has been earning like crazy, Funk Jr. has been falling behind his counterparts in terms of TPE, which goes to show the dedication of this draft class. Funk is only our second forward in the mock so far, representing his position in a defenseman-dominated draft. While Funk doesn't have points as good as some of his fellow draftees(44 points), he was buried under all the firepower on the Marlins for most of the season. He broke out in the playoffs, however, scoring 9 points in 9 games.


With the 7th overall pick, the Toronto Legion select: Hex Rose @Hex Universe Last mock: 12th overall        ⬆️ +5

This is not a reach. I repeat: this is not a reach. He may not have the best TPE available, but the Legion have two picks this draft and can afford to go a little deeper into the talent pool. While Rose may not have the superior points, we must take into account that he is buried on Vegas's third line, therefore not getting desirable ice time. Nevertheless, the man puts up 39 points in the regular season and 5 in the playoffs before the Aces got knocked out by the Kings. He's also a TPE machine, having already become a VSN writer and is one of the most active users in the Aces LR.


With the 8th overall pick, the Calgary Wranglers select: Jivere Zolnek @Sixersfan549 Last mock: N/A         ⬆️ +8

Zolnek has probably raised his draft stock the most since the last mock I did. In fact, he wasn't even in the top 16! But I think that this jump isn't without merit. While Zolnek put up less than average numbers in the regular season, toiling behind the rest of the Reapers' top guns, he came alive in the playoffs with 4 goals and 8 points in 9 games. For this, and his noticeable rise in TPE gains, I think Zolnek deserves a spot this high on the draft rankings. 


With the 9th overall pick, the Malmo Nighthawks select: Kristof Welch @Juice  Last mock: 8th overall       ⬇️ -1

It somehow doesn't seem right that Welch should move down a spot, because he has kept on grinding with TPE and performance. But Zolnek needed a place, so Welch finds himself on the prospect-ridden Nighthawks. With the retirement of VHL legend Condor Adrienne, a D spot opens up if Welch and the Nighthawks decide to bring him up. Welch should be ready, with 53 points in only 63 games in the regular season, but in a playoff series where the Reapers trounced Welch's Yukon Rush, he recorded no points. Still, Welch would fit well into any team's prospect pool.


With the 10th overall pick, the Seattle Bears select: Phil The Rock Johnson @Phil  Last mock: 16th overall        ⬆️ +6

Johnson is yet another draftee who could hop right up to the VHL next season, as he is currently as 246 TPE. But TPE has definitely been his strong suit lately. While earning at least the capped 12, he is still struggling in the point column. This can be diagnosed down to the fact that his scoring and passing are both at 70 TPE, and one just needs to take priority for the points to come. Nevertheless, The Rock presents an enticing case for GMs. With the Bears, Johnson joins an organization with bare cupboards in terms of prospects. He should be able to develop under the stars of the Bears.


With the 11th overall pick, the Calgary Wranglers select: Robin Galante Nilsson @RomanesEuntDomus  Last mock: 11th overall        ↔️ No change

While Nilsson is not quite as adept at earning as some of his fellow draftees, he still manages more than the average user and puts it to good use. He has a solid 44 points in 72 games, earning the title of two way defender. He really picked it up in the playoffs though with the high-scoring Philly Reapers, managing 7 assists and 8 points in 11 games so far. He joins a promising glut of talent with Eagles and Zolnek, and these three will have time to develop under Calgary's current stars.


With the 12th overall pick, the Warsaw Predators select: Phoenix Dawson @Toast  Last mock: 10th overall         ⬇️ -2

This is another example of a pick that went down where I think, why is this dude going down? He has done nothing to lower his stock at all, but I guess some other guys like Johnson and Zolnek have really raised theirs, so someone has to go down. Dawson has been decent this season, recording 46 points in 72 regular season games, then 2 goals in 4 games in the playoffs where his Marauders were swept by the Marlins. Dawson is also known for his well above average earning.


With the 13th overall pick, the D.C. Dragons select: Caitlyn Catowize @CrazyCaityCat  Last mock: 13th overall        ↔️ No change

Catowize kept her previous position at 13th overall to get drafted to the Dragons, who, despite their two picks in the first round, advanced to the Continental Cup finals and are currently beating the Nighthawks. In this pick, the Dragons get Catowize, who just won the Founder's Cup with the Reapers. After getting 20 points in the regular season, Catowize buckled down in the playoffs, recording 7 points in 12 games while the Reapers steamrolled their opponents in games. She also frequently writes media spot, a boon to her TPE levels.


With the 14th overall pick, the Vancouver Wolves select: Lenny Sanderson @Gally  Last mock: N/A          ⬆️ +2

I know this might seem like a tiny bit of a stretch, but I know from last year(Juniper, Sosa, Louchard) that Beav is willing to take chances with his draft picks. And for this one, I think it's a chance worth taking. Sanderson is usually a capped earner, getting at least 14 per week almost every week. And while his regular season points of 19 points in 52 games isn't eye popping, he really took matters into his own hands in the playoffs for Sasky, getting 5 goals and 10 points in only seven games. 


With the 15th overall pick, the Helsinki Titans select: Magnus Verlander @Jbeezy76  Last mock: 9th overall          ⬇️ -6

It was meant to be. The longtime Titan with his previous player, Erik Draven, gets to rejoin Helsinki with Verlander, who is a player with a great build and therefore great points so far in the VHLM. While not a top earner, Verlander has been getting point per game in both the regular season and the playoffs this season, helping Mexico to a second place finish. In the Titans, Verlander joins a team that's transitioning from one generation to another, as various prospects are moving up for next season(and then there's Riga).


With the 16th overall pick, the Vancouver Wolves select: Kaladin Kvothe @DangerGolding Last mock: 7th overall         ⬇️ -9

While some rise, some fall. In this case, the falling of Kaladin Kvothe greatly benefits the Vancouver Wolves, who pick up the sniper with the last pick of the first round. Kvothe's build is interesting, as he has 90 scoring, 80 defense, 77 puck handling, and then nothing in everything else. It is probably because of this that his scoring has suffered through the season, with 29 points in all 72 games and then 4 points in 9 games with the Marlins in the VHLM playoffs. Anyhow, the Wolves pick up a guy they know will keep on earning, and will be an impact player in S77.



***** Due to the fact that BOOM is taking a leave of absence from the league for a while, Odinsson may not be drafted this high. I think I speak on behalf of the entire VHL when I say I respect your decision and hope that you sort everything out. You are a respected member of this community and we will miss you. 




Honorable Mentions:

Eeli Rantanen @Jolline

Philip Stein @IHateBobNutting

Willy Myers @Willy Myers

Abe Roque @Abe Roque

Javad Kamkar @Parriyah9374

Napoleon Bonaparte @CptSquall

Evgeny Bernov @Viperxhawks19





Sneak Peek: Projected VHLM Top Twelve

1. Kristof Welch*

2. Hex Rose*

3. Asher Reinhart @rjfryman

4. Duncan Idaho @OrbitingDeath

5. Paul Atreides @Mr_Hatter

6.  Brendan Telker @Telkster

7. Lenny Sanderson

8. Philip Stein

9. Eeli Rantanen

10. Willy Myers

11. Abe Roque

12. That Dude @Cornholio


*If they decide to stay in the VHLM. If not, they will obviously fall in the draft quite a bit.




2,052 words(new record!!). Claiming for weeks 1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31


I don't have to write another media spot until February 😄


















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I see some angry reactions popping up now. All I can say is it's less about your player going down as it is another player going up.

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tbh I don't see Toronto picking Boom, they already have two promising D prospects coming up plus Anigbogu. I'd say they'll decided between Ray and Hex.

If I was LA GM I'd pick Ray tbh, the defence isn't a pressing need for them at this moment. Also, I think Juice could be drafted a bit higher.


that was your episode of an armchair GM rambling about this draft

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Great job, nicely researched and well-written write-ups on the individual players presented in a nice format and adequate layout that wasn't needlessly flashy yet provided a lot of information. Nice read and certainly has me looking forward to the Draft more!


Rating: 9.5/10

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Damn this is well written for a Habsbeen fan 😜. I like the time put into it and it’s very well detailed. I didn’t know much about the draft class and the top players so it was definitely good for someone to post this. Very helpful 9.5/10!

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10/10 while I kindly disagree that my stock should be dropping, this was very well written and formatted. I like the use of a different colour for player names and bolding for the pick. Only suggestion I have is very minor but maybe adding in team banners to break up the text? Would've been difficult with how quickly the order is changing though! Nice work.

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  • Head Moderator

Lets go! My favorite articles and content :D Love the formatting, makes it nice and easy and you even put the prior mock draft ranks.


Fairly comprehensive look at the players available looks fairly well researched in terms of including user activity status. Colors, formatting and tags all look in place with no significant errors. Some headshots or mugshots would've been nice to add additionally but otherwise a very good MS that was loaded with content and easy to read.



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I was actually looking for this yesterday and I am not sure how I missed it for almost two straight days. I love this article and how well it is thought out. while some of the draft picks have changed hands since the article was written I am sure most of this could be correctish!! LOL!!

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