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VHLE Logos Announcement. Also 2 teams are different now?? Also Pre-Draft Tournament!


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So there have been some developments since we last spoke...


After the GM announcement, we sent the GMs the logos that have been made for the VHLE to finalise those for each respective team. With some this was a straightforward process as the GMs selected pre-existing or slightly updated logos from the original VHL teams. Unfortunately, two VHLE franchises, the Berlin Steel and Paris Revolution, were brand new and not reusing past logos. Although Kaleeb made two fine logos for those, as we dug into the detail during the process, it came to our attention that there were some lookalike logos already existing in the internet. After a thorough review of Kaleeb's process, we have concluded there was no foul play intended, however in the interest of protecting the VHL from any copyright issues, we have decided to scale back the new teams in the VHLE. So Berlin and Paris are no more. Instead, they are being replaced by two other concepts that got significant support - the Rome Gladiators and Istanbul Red Wolves. Both of those are based on old VHLM logos (Minot and Moscow respectively) so after speaking with the affected GMs we decided this was the most effective resolution.


I am pleased to lay out the final logos below and take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the logo creation process, from the OGs to Z and Kaleeb, and to @Enorama for creating his classic banners to go along with them.


But just before revealing the logos, a further announcement. Now with GMs and logos in place, we can announce that the inaugural, S80 VHLE draft will be a snake draft (i.e. 6th overall then goes again and picks 7th while 1st overall pick 12th, and everything in between). How will we decide the order of the 1st round though? A tournament! Everyone eligible to play in the VHLE right now, being in that sweet spot of 201-400 TPA, will be randomly allocated to one of the 6 VHLE teams, and it will be up to the 6 GMs to guide their teams to 1st place in a mini tournament. The prize for winning? The right to choose which draft position they want, from 1st to 6th. 2nd place gets 2nd choice and so on and so forth.


We will announce rosters for the tournament at a later date - although in the meantime, get ready to get hype if you are on the eligible list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17CQa1SHTvLCvo65-yBhctaL_d8lyYgc3Bcpy3qhbHx4/edit?usp=sharing


But for now, here are some exceptionally good looking logos!


Vasteras Iron Eagles @rjfryman





Credit to @Koradek, updated by @solas


Cologne Express @Advantage




Credit to @Koradek, updated by @Zetterberg


Istanbul Red Wolves @KaleebtheMighty




Credit to @boubabi, updated by @Zetterberg


Stockholm Vikings @thadthrasher





Credit to @boubabi, updated by @dlamb


Rome Gladiators @InstantRockstar




Credit to @Koradek, updated by @Zetterberg


Bratislava Watchmen @FrostBeard




Credit to @boubabi


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45 minutes ago, Nykonax said:

everyone stay tuned for how this will break the portal

Worst case we run it old school and just assign the players after.

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4 hours ago, KC15 said:

Bratislava’s logo is a tower? Or it looks more like a lighthouse with a wave? But the city is landlocked so is/was Bratislava known for its defense of the Danube?

As it was a major trade route, there were lighthouses near Danube river. Also, this is one of the original (Not the truly original as that one is horrible) logos and I wanted to keep the history alive. 

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