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Draft predictions for round one


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A small newbie attempt at going through how the first round of the draft will go. I hope I got the order correct and didn't forget anyone important.


The big gap in my knowledge is whether Malmö will take Condor Adrienne and arbitrate a trade with one of the expansion teams, or if everyone will pass on him and let expansion team #1 to grab him. I'm gonna say that grabbing him and working out some trade is the correct way to go, but maybe there is some gentlemen's agreement going on between the GM's. Again I am not privy to this or whatever trades that are going on, what kind of friendships that may upset the order a bit.

Malmö - Condor Adrienne (with a trade with either of the expansion teams unless he's fine with Malmö)

New York - Seem to be one of the teams that need a goalie. Unless they have some trades going with active goalies, perhaps they are looking towards A Red Guy, otherwise either Lance Flowers or Jeff Downey would make sense with the shortage of D at Americans. I have a real life enfatuation with New York, it's a magnificent city, and it would be cool if they chose me, but I think it may more sense to draft higher and pick someone that already has proven himself to be reliable for more than one season (to put this in some sort of context I expect to have a draft ranking of 15-17).

Seattle - Hard to tell what Banackcock needs. I think he's fine with the D, so perhaps Thorny Underyew. But either Flowers or Downey may still be available.

Davos - Davos looks to have some cap problems and three S62 players that will soon be gone in RW Jake Davis, D Konstantin Mulligan and LW Ryuu Crimson. It may make sense to perhaps pick Teemu Lehtinen Jr.

Riga - They're primed to do very well next season I feel, a really active player, perhaps a D? So I am going to go for Wolf Stansson Jr to start learning from Joseph McWolf.

Moscow - This is a great team in the building I feel, I think maybe a C in Sebastian Ironside (this is obviously wrong), just to prepare for C Podrick Cast's career end (this may still be true).

Calgary - Calgary again is kind of like Davos, a really strong team but quickly aging. You have two S61 in D Robert Malenko and C Sebastian Ironside. The silver lining is that just like Davos they won't have that many players exposed in the expansion draft with only eleven players in their roster. I'm going to go with Frans Eller for them unless Moscow took him, in that case Sigurd Gunnar.

Expansion team #1 - Not sure which one this will be, they may have traded for Condor Adrienne already, or that is still an open pick depending on how the other GM's decide to approach this. They may have D Luciano Valentino at this spot. Don't draft for position, draft the best player available.

Expansion team #2 - Basically the same as above, could pick Valentino if he's still available, or Micha Sage or Owen Nolan. Both of the expansion team will need a goalie too though, but since almost no one else does I think they can wait to pick say Raymond Bernard or Samuel Ross for the second or third round (if they have not already traded for a goalie behind the scenes).

Toronto - In the rankings I guess Keven Foreskin would be the obvious choice, but with GM-ship, etc, I think maybe Ryo Yamasaki II would make more sense. I really have no idea how the tradition here works, if Keven will go to New York or is open game for other GMs.

Helsinki - Super strong team this past season, still young. I am not sure where their biggest weakness is or how much cap space is left, but someone higher up may still be available, or perhaps LW Kaspars Claude or RW Willie Dredge.

Vancouver - Maybe cover for their star center in Rauno Paulo and try to get a C in Chad Gilbert?

Edit: Spelling, clarifications.

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9 minutes ago, ShawnGlade said:

this is news to me

See it as a literary device :) I actually don't even know where to check the cap. It was just a bit drama with the strong roster Davos has.

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1 minute ago, Elmebeck said:

See it as a literary device :) I actually don't even know where to check the cap. It was just a bit drama with the strong roster Davos has.

haha i feel. we actually have $15M in space currently


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5 hours ago, Green said:

Not sure Ironside will be drafted though :) about 7 seasons late

Damn, I don't know how I made that mistake. I tried to follow this, and I am pretty sure I didn't mean Justice Iron. I'll pretend that player should be ready to be a replacement for Ironside. :) (it probably was what I was meaning, but lost the plot on, see my Calgary entry; possibly a copy-paste problem)


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