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S67 Trivia Week 7 - Answers


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That's a wrap for S67 folks! Congratulations to the Wolves for bringing the Continental Cup to Vancouver for the first time. :que: End of season results will be coming before the end of the week. And before anyone has a meltdown over this week's question 2, keep in mind uncapped TPE is handed out for every 2 correct answers, not every 1. :)


Anyway, this week's answers:


1. Who was the first defenceman to lead the league in assists? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @gorlab)

It's a trophy which a defenceman can realistically aim for, as shown by the fact all 4 winners from S62 to S66 were blue-liners. However, it wasn't until S5 that a defenceman first won the Beketov (or the Mikita as it was then known, given Beketov wasn't drafted yet and all). That was the great Joey Kendrick, putting up an obscene 112 assists, still among the second highest mark of all-time. Kendrick's Hall of Fame article would have informed you that he was a defenceman, while two other options, Ace Lightning (a forward) and Tomas Jenskovic (and another defenceman) won the trophy after Kendrick. Jonathan McKelvie, who may or may not be @Cornholio, did lead the league in assists before in Kendrick (in S2) and is not a Hall of Famer, so the easiest way to know if he was a defenceman would have been to check if he was on the defencemen all-time stats spreadsheet (he isn't).


2. When was the first time a goalie was named VHL MVP (whether by player or GM/BOG/Committee vote)?

Ah, a nice end of season trick question! As the top of the Brett Slobodzian Trophy page says, for the first 20 seasons it was another MVP trophy, rather than MOP which it is now. That means that although Aidan Shaw, in S21, was the first goalie to win the Scotty Campbell Trophy (although Daisuke Kanou won the Slobo that season), he was beaten to the title of MVP by Jonas Markstrom in S16. Markstrom didn't win the Campbell that season, but did win the Tretiak (which became the Shaw) which would have probably been the easiest way to find out if he was a goalie.



Alright, here's the capped TPE:


2 capped TPE:

Beketov @Beketov

Poptart @Poptart

Velevra @Velevra

Sharkstrong @Sharkstrong

Patpou22 @Patpou22

Jubo07 @Jubo07

CowboyinAmerica @CowboyinAmerica

SidTheKid87 @SidTheKid87


Oilmandan @oilmandan

Greg_Di @Greg_Di

Nykonax @Nykonax

Bushito @Bushito

Quik @Quik

BarzalGoat @BarzalGoat

Smarch @Smarch

Snussu @Snussu

Sonnet @Sonnet

Sebster03 @Sebster03

sjs88speed @sjs88speed


Enorama @Enorama

Phil @Phil

Tate @Tate

Renomitsu @Renomitsu

Anthony Matthews @Anthony Matthews

hedgehog337 @hedgehog337

Xdpark @xDParK



1 capped TPE:

philliefan @Philliefan

Green @Green

rjfryman @rjfryman

frescoelmo @frescoelmo

Jbeezy76 @Jbeezy76

Ace @Ace

GustavMattias @GustavMattias

Esso2264 @Esso2264

majesiu @majesiu

Tuktukthegreat @TukTukTheGreat

Bruins10 @Bruins10

Steve @Steve

Beaviss @Beaviss

Motzaburger @Motzaburger

DMaximus @DMaximus

MacH @MacH

Tbeez99 @Tbeez99

diamond_ace @diamond_ace

metaltoday @MetalToday

Telkster @Telkster

Hughjas_ @HughJas_

fonziGG @fonziGG

Juddy @Juddy

Dalton Wilcox @Dalton Wilcox

Acydburn @Acydburn

McWolf @McWolf

Jtv123 @Jtv123

Jaku @Jaku

VanCanWin @VanCanWin

MexicanCow123 @MexicanCow123

okocha5 @okocha5

Hulkhogan @HulkHogan

Mr_Hatter @Mr_Hatter

Kekzkrieg @Kekzkrieg

jack @jack

enigmatc @enigmatic

Matt_O @Matt_O

Higgins @Higgins

studentized @studentized

Thranduil @Thranduil

Zeno @Zeno

TheLastOlympian07 @TheLastOlympian07

nethi99 @nethi99

Infernal @Infernal

AndrewWarren13 @AndrewWarren13

aCrypticPancake @aCrypticPancake

Liberty_Cabbage @Liberty_Cabbage

Chillzone @chillzone

Cornholio @Cornholio

jRuutu @jRuutu

HenrikZoiderberg @HenrikZoiderberg

Saelven88 @Saelven88

Psyduck77 @Psyduck77

.sniffuM @.sniffuM

DilIsPickle @DilIsPickle

DollarAndADream @DollarAndADream

FrostBeard @FrostBeard

Kylrad @Kylrad

elrune1988 @elrune1988

JeffD @JeffD

omgitshim @omgitshim

flyersfan1453 @flyersfan1453

VanCanWin @VanCanWin

Rayzor_7 @Rayzor_7

BladeMaiden @BladeMaiden

eaglesfan036 @eaglesfan036

Jardy - who is playing with my heart???

DoktorFunk @DoktorFunk

Josh @Josh

73MPL4R @73MPL4R

kyle @Kyle

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3 minutes ago, Victor said:

so the easiest way to know if he was a defenceman would have been to check if he was on the defencemen all-time stats spreadsheet (he isn't).

Personally I just checked the S1 draft thread, it lists positions and I knew if he had most assists in S2 it was likely he was drafted in season 1.

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