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S79 Trivia Week 2 Answers


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1. Which of these goalies has not been crowned playoff MVP in the last 10 seasons? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @Red)

All goalies to pick from have won the Kanou fairly recently, 4 times in Funk's case, but Pepper's win came in S66 - now over 10 seasons ago. It looks like it will remain Helsinki's most recent cup win for a few seasons, meaning their streak of winning a cup every decade comes to an end.

Full list of Kanou winners: https://vhlportal.com/hof/awards/history/7


2. Who is the all-time leading scorer for the Philadelphia Reapers? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @ryan lol - whoever that is)

Philadelphia has been a fairly successful VHLM franchise since inception but that generally is reflected in players quickly moving into the VHL. Instead, Bud Knight stuck around for 6 seasons from S67 to S72, meaning his total of 564 points will be hard to beat (the next highest for the Reapers has 290). Ironically, Knight missed out on both the S66 and S75 Founder's Cup won by Philly making his existence even more futile.

Info comes from the Reapers stats page: https://vhlportal.com/teams/16

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