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S67 Trivia Week 2 - Answers


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No small talk, let's get straight to it:


1. How many goalies have been crowned rookie of the year? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @MatmenzingerNote: @Jtv123 - your submitted question was a bit different so I'll use it separately in the future and you'll get the TPE then

Nine as a quick CTRL+F for SV% or GAA or something similar through the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy winners would indicate. From Benoit Devereux in S10 to Apollo Skye in S51 (somewhat surprisingly the last goalie winner).


2. What goalie has the most regular season wins in their career? (Credit and 1 uncapped TPE to @MexicanCow123 and @Zeno)

Hey it's me - one of the nine goalie Stolzy winners Greg Clegane accumulated a fuckton of wins as well, beating out Tuomas Tukio and a host of others in all-time wins by the time he retired in S52.


2 capped TPE goes to:

Oilmandan @oilmandan

.sniffuM @.sniffuM

street @street

Smarch @Smarch

Quik @Quik

CowboyinAmerica @CowboyinAmerica

Sonnet @Sonnet

SidTheKid87 @SidTheKid87

Poptart @Poptart

FrostBeard @FrostBeard

Edustava @Edustava

Sharkstrong @Sharkstrong

DilIsPickle @DilIsPickle

Beketov @Beketov

Jubo07 @Jubo07

Patpou22 @Patpou22

BladeMaiden @BladeMaiden

73MPL4R @73MPL4R

Jtv123 @Jtv123

Motzaburger @Motzaburger

Esso2264 @Esso2264

trevmi @trevmi

Cran @Cran

Rayzor_7 @Rayzor_7

Big Mac @Big Mac

Dalton Wilcox @Dalton Wilcox

DoktorFunk @DoktorFunk

Datools @Datools

Mr_Hatter @Mr_Hatter

HulkHogan @HulkHogan

ahawk2191 @ahawk2191

aCrypticPancake @aCrypticPancake

Bruins10 @Bruins10

fonziGG @fonziGG

Beaviss @Beaviss

Jbeezy76 @Jbeezy76

Tate @Tate

sjs88speed @sjs88speed

Enorama @Enorama

NumberJ5 @NumberJ5

philliefan @Philliefan

psyduck77 @Psyduck77

DMaximus @DMaximus

ItsMcLovin @ItsMcLovin

Dominus89 @Dominus89

MexicanCow123 @MexicanCow123

AcousticKazoo @AcousticKazoo

Frozen Block @Frozen Block

Mini Muu @Mini Muu

Steve @Steve

Tbeez99 @Tbeez99

Donno100 @Donno100

Elmebeck @Elmebeck

Josh @Josh


Ace @Ace 

Chillzone @chillzone

Acydburn @Acydburn

Fire_In_Babylon @Fire_In_Babylon

Hughjas_ @HughJas_

VanCanWin @VanCanWin

rjfryman @rjfryman

berocka @berocka

Banana2311 @Banana2311

Matmenzinger @Matmenzinger

mmarcoux98 @mmarcoux98

bluesfan55 @bluesfan55

stevo @stevo

FerdaJets @FerdaJets

Theflash @TheFlash

studentized @studentized

jack @jack

Liberty_Cabbage @Liberty_Cabbage

TheLastOlympian07 @TheLastOlympian07

sebster03 @Sebster03

Renomitsu @Renomitsu

Kekzkrieg @Kekzkrieg

HenrikZoiderberg @HenrikZoiderberg

Strooper99 @Strooper99

omgitshim @omgitshim

TacticalHammer @TacticalHammer

eaglesfan036 @eaglesfan036

DizzyWithLogic @DizzyWithLogic

cpetrella @cpetrella

gorlab @gorlab

Green @Green

nethi99 @nethi99

Bushito @Bushito

Phil @Phil


Zeno @Zeno

xsjack @xsjack

Jaga bellinger @Jaga

Joubo @Joubo

wcats @wcats


frescoelmo @frescoelmo

DollarAndADream @DollarAndADream

11 Eleven @11 Eleven

Velevra @Velevra

McWolf @McWolf

Gscx420 @Gscx420

SlapshotDragon @SlapshotDragon

kyle @Kyle

Sixersfan549 @Sixersfan549

barzalgoat @BarzalGoat

Okocha5 @okocha5

Brrbisbrr @Brrbisbrr

Rebacco @Rebacco

cody73 @cody73

Flyersfan1453 @flyersfan1453

Banana2311 @Banana2311

GustavMattias @GustavMattias

hedgehog337 @hedgehog337

JeffD @JeffD


TukTukTheGreat @TukTukTheGreat

Zepheter @zepheter

Dilly Dilly @Dilly Dilly

Thranduil @Thranduil

Kylrad @Kylrad

leafsman @leafsman

metaltoday @MetalToday



1 capped TPE goes to:

Jaku @Jaku

PotatoKing @PotatoKing

Snussu @Snussu

Greg_Di @Greg_Di


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